Hello everyone, and welcome to my humble pond! This is my site for everything involving my art, and information regarding it and what I'm up to! For updates, check the updates box at the bottom of this page!

Hi there, and welcome to my little space here on the internet! To get started, please please leave this page if you're under the age of 18. This is a space for adults only! As are all of the links I'm adding here! If I find that you're underage and following me on any social media site, I'll block you instantly, no exceptions.

I create mostly erotic art, and here is where you can find it all and interact! I adore making friends and speaking with like-minded people, so please don't be shy! I've also got some big plans for the future, so I hope you'll stick around and find something you enjoy!

Please be aware this site is a constant work in progress! Things might change drastically at times, or even mess up while I'm working on them! Please remain patient with me when and if this does happen, thank you! :o)

Content Warning!

I can make some pretty rotten things, and enjoy them too! Please be cautious when exploring my gallery. Here's some themes you'll probably see in my art at some point!





Feral Characters

I won't ever block or bully anyone for what they make, as fiction should be a place for everyone to find comfort and excitement, even if there are things that upset/disturb me or others. Please feel free to interact regardless of what you do make, just be kind is all I ask. I hope you enjoy yourself here, and lemme know if you like whatcha see! It'll give me a morale boost and I'll be more likely to create more art!

If you'd like to find me somewhere, I currently have accounts for several social media sites and more!

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June 28th, 2020

Fixed Gallery - Images should now be viewable!; Updates have been added!


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